Justin Connor is an actor, writer, director, painter, and musician who did all that for THE GOLDEN AGE, an award-winning feature film that’s on Amazon Prime. The soundtrack is on all streaming platforms and a double vinyl album is coming out. THE GOLDEN AGE  is a tour de force musical rockumentary (a spoof that appears real) shot over a decade in California and India, about Maya O’Malley, a subversive pop star, who, after controversial remarks, gets dropped from his music label and sets out on a spiritual pilgrimage. A DAY IN THE LIES, a memoir novel that delves deeper into the life of Maya O’Malley, will be released this spring.   Justin is prepping the release of his third album, MATERIAL LIFE.

Justin Connor Website

Watch THE GOLDEN AGE on Amazon Prime

Justin’s mission: “To create and to chant, and to keep combining the creative with the devotional, hoping that can create a new world.”

Justin’s one-line message to the world: “Stay sane amidst these trying times and keep your devotional path intact.”

The SUE Speaks BLOG Post about Justin Connor

  • Doing things for creativity instead of for competition
  • Wounded healer
  • Recipe for life: being creative and being appreciated.
  • What is success?
  • Delivery of entertainment now that we are home.
  • For content, a need for stories to be geared towards cultural expansion.
  • Forms need to morph.
  • Tour de force of The Golden Age, Justin’s movie. Songs telling the story, mockumentary not documentary
  • Fame and what the downside is
  • “Aren’t we all just passers by just looking for friends?”
  • Deep karmic wound that evoked his devotional path that was his greatest enlightenment.  
  • Suzanne’s perspective, from being older, on all the drama we create.
  • Chanting
  • David Viscott – unique psychotherapy not indulgent in pain.
  • Justin is promoting the film, getting it seen.
  • Turned to painting – pleasure of no technological screen – good to be forced to do new forms of art.
  • Issue of community – opportunity now to do better.  
  • The regenerative economy. Game on for new operating systems.
  • The Golden Age, on Amazon Prime

“If Justin Ran the World,” Summary by Suzanne Taylor, podcast host

If he ran the world, for what we can do now Justin would have everyone be creative and be on a devotional path. If one creative avenue has closed, as there being no work for actor Justin now, take up a new one. Justin has taken up painting. Whatever the medium, people need to produce things that create cultural expansion in ways that are original and uplifting rather than perform safer exercises primarily for commercial gain.

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