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Mary Reed started out as an ordinary person who was directing clinical research and nonprofit healthcare programs in America and Africa. She had no interest in spiritual teachings or even any understanding of them until 2000 when she had a startling breakthrough to a direct experience of what our spiritual avatars have been tuned into, and that connection has never left her. In 2011, an unimaginable episode got her beyond debilitating confusion from not being able to integrate what she’d broken through to. You can read about her story in her book, Unwitting Mystic: Evolution of The Message of Love. An “accidental mystic,” she surrendered all attempts to remain ordinary and took on helping to foster an attunement to the majesty within us, where, as she says, with caps being hers, WE ARE ALL SO MUCH MORE THAN WE CURRENTLY REALIZE. She travels extensively, sharing her story to inspire people to rise to their divine potential.

Mary Reed Website

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Mary’s mission: “I am here to be Divine Love recognizing and reflecting itself in everyone and everything.”

Mary’s one-line message to the world: “Humanity is crying out for Divine Love that holds all of life to be equal, free, unconditionally accepted and unified in a state of Oneness. The only question, then, is are we ourselves willing to be the presence of that Divine Love?”

The SUE Speaks Blog Post about Mary Reed

  • No background in spirituality– Jesus living in Mary’s heart
  • Hearing a voice
  • Going into the body of Christ — seeing humanity’s evolution
  • Ten year struggle for integration in the world — no help from 40 practitioners
  • Supreme state of surrender to the mystical journey
  • Being the message vs being the messenger
  • Unconditional love and forgiveness
  • What more we are that we don’t know
  • Living beyond belief: a state of equality, true oneness, pure freedom, unconditional acceptance and unity
  • Abuntu: I am who I am through you.
  • A call for genuine love that’s based in equality, freedom, acceptance and unity
  • Our (un)willingness to be a presence of Divine Love
  • What brings you satisfaction: Do what brings you joy

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Comments · 6

  • Alex · April 10, 2020

    Mary Reed is awesome!
    Her life story is very moving and educational!
    I resonate with her ideas and beliefs about Oneness in my physical life!
    I’m looking forward to reading her books…

    • suzanne · April 10, 2020

      She is such a rare person, where somehow some pathway opened between her and the Divine, and all we can do is thank the universe for giving us a person who “sees” and can help us see.

  • Gail · December 13, 2019

    I’m coming back to comment here after listening to several episodes of this podcast. Suzanne is such a wonderful interviewer, she’s more a conversationalist who brings the most fascinating and perceptive stories out of all her guests. I’m hooked on this podcast and completely inspired by it. I hope there are years of episodes to come.

    • suzanne · December 18, 2019

      You’re making me cry, Gail. I’m hoping others feel the same. Get out of that snow and come be on my team here in L.A.!!!

  • Marina · December 4, 2019

    Mary’s story is startling and awe-inspiring! What a journey to have gone through and come out with such a spiritual awareness to share with others and to heal. I am greatly moved by this episode. Thank you!

    • suzanne · December 5, 2019

      What a shocker her story is. She surely had a destiny to bring enlightened thinking to the world or she would have been successful at her attempt to kill herself. What a mysterious universe this is where such inexplicable things happen!

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