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Dr. James Wanless, who was a Professor of Political Science at Columbia University, is known primarily for creating the iconic and bestselling Voyager Tarot Deck he calls “the GPS of the soul.” An innovation and intuition trainer who works with organizations throughout the world, he has counseled many people in his 40-year career as a human potential activist and motivator. Dr. Wanless is a Green Man who has trained people in the “green wisdom way” with his Sustain Yourself oracle cards and accompanying books, Sustainable Life: The New SuccessNature’s 101 Secrets of Success, and Adventures with Greening Man. His latest book is, The Renewable You: Activating Nature’s Renew-Abilities in You.

James Wanless website

James’s mission: “To be an educator to help people move out of the old ways of thinking so that they can evolve and grow.”

James’s one-line message to the world: “Know your life purpose.”

The SUE Speaks Blog Post about James Wanless
  • Nature as teacher
  • Working outside the establishment and conventional standards as a spiritual teacher
  • Being an educator is leading people out of old ways of thinking
  • Success out of setbacks
  • The power of the mind
  • What inspired James to a life of service
  • What makes James come alive: walking fast and breathing hard
  • The state of our world: changes come out of traumatic events — the need to take action

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  • Adonnah Langer · December 24, 2019

    I loved James. He’s so articulate, humble and real. I love his perspective and humanity. He’s not just full of wonderful ideas, he lives his values. More of James please.

    • suzanne · January 5, 2020

      So good to hear that. He actually was the first one I did so I hadn’t had any practice. I actually wished afterward that I’d asked him to elaborate on the ways that he acts motivated by nature. What does that specifically look like? That could be the follow-up!

  • Marina · December 4, 2019

    I love James’s energy, creative lifestyle, and philosophy on life. I was inspired by James’s message to get active even if that means to get up and vote. We all can do something. I’m on board!

    • suzanne · December 5, 2019

      He’s such an unusual guy. I’ve been to Hawaii twice doing workshops with him, and they have been a very good time because he’s a good time. He works with the deck he designed, the famous Voyager Tarot, where one thing we did was to pick a card and then act it out. My experience with that, when I picked Death and was what you might call ‘scared to death’ to deal with it, turned out to be memorable!

  • Loren Lewis · November 26, 2019

    What a delightful, colorful and caring man! Having grown up in cities I haven’t had much of a relationship with nature and to hear that it’s his greatest teacher is well, duh! I feel tremendously moved to cultivate that more in my life. And I love that upon learning that his grandfather had been knighted for his medical service in India, Wanless was inspired to lead a life with a purpose greater than himself. So fortunate to have had that inspiration in one’s youth. Truly beautiful! Thank you!

    • suzanne · November 30, 2019

      I wish I’d probed him more for how his alignment with nature works out in his life. Hopefully, he’ll respond here, telling us more!

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